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cook me good

Stove Top

  1. 1. Place saucepan over high heat and bring 1 cup of boiling water to boil.
  2. 2.Slowly add 40g of Creamy Rice and stir continuously.
  3. 3.Return to boil, then reduce heat to medium. Stir continuously while mixture simmers. Cook for a further minute or until your desired consistency is achieved.
  4. 4.Remove from heat and let stand for 1 minute.


  1. 1.Add 40g of Creamy Rice to a microwave safe bowl and mix in 1 cup of water.
  2. 2.Microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir the mixture and then microwave for an additional 1-2 minutes depending on desired consistency.
  3. 3.Remove from microwave and let stand for 1 minute.

Hey Chef!

Creamy Rice gives you the nutrients; you give it the finishing touches. Cinnamon, honey, berries, peanut butter or protein powder?
Go on - get creative.


Try our really good
flavour combo's

Peanutty Choc bowl

Drop in a handful of toasted coconut flakes and chocolate nibs or your favourite chocolate drops. Then drizzle with peanut butter and sprinkle with crushed peanuts.

Raspberry pom bomb

Place half a cup of fresh raspberries and pomegranate seeds on top of your Creamy Rice and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and drizzle with honey.

Choc on choc Goodness

Stir in a serving of your favourite chocolate protein until you reach a smooth consistency. Top with toasted coconut flakes and chocolate nibs or chocolate drops.

Mixed Berry Quicky

Place 1 cup of frozen mixed berries on top of your Creamy Rice and sprinkle with crushed almonds and chia seeds. For extra sweetness drizzle honey over the berries and nuts.

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